There are any number of ways you can become a part of this important work.  We need to build a team of people dedicated to the idea that it is possible to change the course of history in Africa, working together, and bend it toward a new horizon for the Congolese people.  The elections in DRC are only a few months away on December 23rd so time is short.  Looking ahead and assuming a successful election outcome, there will be endless opportunities to help rebuild a country pillaged and neglected for too long.  This work will require the expertise of legions of entrepreneurs and business leaders to assist the new government in developing more responsible policies, procedures, and infrastructure.  Here are just a few areas of need so please let us hear from you, either as a volunteer, or for follow up consultation:

Business leadership
International finance
Construction consultants
Aviation consultants
Investor groups
International trade

Web design and social media
Political campaign consulting
Video & print media
Concert promotion
Event planning
International law