Felix Tshisekedi is president of the oldest and largest opposition party in the DRC, the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (French: Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès Social or UDPS).  Founded in 1982 by his renowned father, the late Etienne Tshisekedi, UDPS has been the standard bearer for reform in DRC for over thirty five years. Now, a year after his father's passing, Felix is ready to carry on the UDPS mission for uniting the Congolese people and lead the country forward toward a better future.

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"The tremendous wealth of our country's resources have been the curse of our past, but must be the foundation for our future."

If you have a cell phone, tablet, computer, or a toaster, it may very likely contain components made of minerals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. That makes you a stakeholder in the future of the country. By joining with PamojaUSA in supporting Felix Tshisekedi and his reform agenda, you are standing with the Congolese people who deserve legitimate representation and protection by their government.  

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Please join us in taking a stand for transforming the future for 85 million Congolese who deserve better government. Leave a comment on the importance of these elections in the heart of Africa. This will help us convince US legislators, NGOs, and trade representatives to engage with Felix Tshisekedi in support of his UDPS reform platform. We are stronger together! Pamoja!

Volunteer opportunities

If  you have a talent or experience to bring to our effort, PamojaUSA is anxious to hear from you!  We are just getting started in this grassroots campaign and will soon be generating a number of opportunities to help out. We also hope to tap energy within the Congolese diaspora who might seek to work with us for change back in their homeland.

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Your generous contribution will allow PamojaUSA to broaden its reach in raising awareness of the importance of the election outcome in DRC and its impact on the region. Your financial support is crucial to us in helping Felix bring his reform agenda to Kinshasa and all Congolese! PamojaUSA thanks you for adding your voice for change in the DRC!